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In today's competitive college admission market it is never to early, but we are not taking about beginning in elementary school. Parents play a large role in preparing their children or child for college. Encouraging after school activities, being involved in their progress at school, asking them what they want to be " when they grow up" can all be markers for children that takes them to college. There is nothing wrong with you taking your child for a walk on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in nice weather around the nearest campus. Going to sporting events is also a great way to introduce them to college -- these two activities can be done when they in the 7th or 8th grade.

Having open casual conversations about the future as you walk a campus is  natural way for your son/daughter to think about going to college. If you attended college talk about your experiences and how the education benefited you and the family.

Going to your high school's "College  Night" program with your sophomore is also a good entrance to the application process. While they might not verbalize all their thoughts about college at some point they will bring up their feelings. The more they are exposed to in the process the more they will be prepared to make early decisions and be able to get through the process. Certainly, go at a pace that your son. daughter can handle..

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