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It is better to let the teacher know that you would be asking him or her for a recommendation as early as possible. While every teacher and/or school may have different policies regarding the recommendation requests, in general it is advised that you provide the request form and your resume at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
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Good question! Although the rec. letters are so very important to students for teachers, mid-quarter reports and final quarter grades are just as important. You may want to avoid requesting a rec. letter the first two weeks of schools remember teachers are in the midst of adjusting their instruction and class lists based on course changes students often make those early weeks of the school year so, I would wait until week three of the school year. I honestly would not wait any longer because at week four, they are involved in mid-quarter reports so they may not have ample time to write the letter or, to really think about whether they are open to even doing the letter. If you do not ask during week three of school, my next best suggestion is to ask between mid-quarter reports for your school and the end of each quarter so the teacher does not feel overwhelmed. If you are in 11th grade you can ask at the close of the school year which often teachers like because they have the summer to complete all requests. Good Luck!

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