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By supplementary, what are you referring to? A portfolio? Letters of recommendation? Essay? School Profile? Transcript? Video?

When you hit the send button your application travels through the world of computer technology arriving at your school(s) of choice on the other end. Along with your application will go your essay. You need to check with your guidance counselor to understand the process at your high school but it will be your counselor, that will forward your transcripts, school profile and their letter of recommendation to your school(s). Any letters of recommendation that are being written on your behalf can be uploaded into Naviance and be sent to your school(s) that way, or you can provide those who are writing letters addressed, stamped envelopes so they can send them directly through the mail themselves. That should be all that goes but, if the school(s) have requested a supplemental essay, that too would be another item which would be sent with the application itself.

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