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Jon Semcer Points0
That is one of the great myths of the college search process. The reality is there are many schools out there that a student will feel comfortable attending. Finding them is another matter. With over 1,750 four-year colleges/ universities across the country, it comes to the " brand " name schools --- you know, the campuses that everyone has heard of. So, finding schools that are good fits is the trick. Every school on a student's application list is a " right" school, if they have done the research. Kids do transfer make no mistake about that, but there are many reasons for transferring.

Good luck!!
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Not just one but many! Finding the right schools to put on your list is what makes the process so overwhelming. Think about it, the application is all about name, phone #, grades, courses basic information; that's not hard. The essay may be time consuming but generally speaking, not that hard either. When students speak of the college search and application process being difficult, scary, a huge undertaking I generally ask them what it is that is making the road to college so overwhelming. When broken down the real issue that comes to the forefront is where to apply; doing the research as to what their chances are of getting into schools they are interested in and deciding where they would like to live for the next four years. What makes it even more overwhelming is the pressure to find that "just right" school believing there is only one when as stated earlier, there are many. If you can match the environment you are interested in such as the climate you prefer or whether you would enjoy the city life over suburbia or how far from home you would like to be those kinds of questions, you can generate for yourself a pretty good list. If you use www.collegeview.com, respond to their questions honestly they too, can generate a list of schools for you as well. Once you have "the list" it is time to investigate each school more closely to judge if you would be happy there or not. As you do the research, the list will become smaller and smaller until only 10 or so remain. This process is exceptionally time consuming which is why the process seems so over whelming. You will find more than one school that fits, you only need to do the research and that project, is best when undertaken during junior year so in September of senior year you can start the applications and submit before Thanksgiving turkey is on the table! Good Luck!

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