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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Honestly, I am not sure anyone can promise you a perfect match but a good fit is always a possibility.

The questions I ask when a student is trying to find that "just right" school is if after a visit, can they see themselves on the campus, fitting in, being stuck  in a dorm room with a nasty cold, socializing, etc. I understand that for many, the quality of the education is most important but for me, it is a matter of comfort and ease. If a student does not feel at home, their studies and grades will suffer. One can measure the quality of an institutions education by looking over many forms of data but comfort can only be determined by visiting and walking a campus. The good fit comes into play if a student can see themselves shoulder to shoulder with the students already there. The education will follow if the student is at ease keeping homesickness at bay.

Good Luck!
Jon Semcer Points0
There are dozens of " right" and " good' matches out there. The question is -- is the student and family willing to look at schools that perhaps they have never heard of before. Brand name school seems to dominate the headlines, the college talk, and the student's list. That does not mean those schools are a good match for everyone. There is no place that is perfect--- every campus will have its flaws. Trying to find the perfect school with the perfect campus and the perfect student body is asking for trouble because you will never be satisfied. Before you know it application deadlines will be on the horizons and you are still looking for those perfect places. A "good fit" means academically and socially you and the school fit together. The factors - distance from home, size, cost, reputation, choice of majors/minors are all good fits for you. You will find your " fits" with an early start, doing your investigating, and having an open mind. Good luck !!!

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