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If you sign onto www.collegeboard.com and type in the search box (upper right hand corner), My Road, an interest survey will come up with just a few clicks. There is a cost to taking the survey unless, your child took the PSAT's. If your child did take the PSAT's, there is a code on their score sheet they can type in, in order to take the survey for free.

Some students take personality assessments while others take personality tests but My Road, is an INTEREST survey. After the survey is complete, students are printed out a list of possible careers that match their interests, the educational path to that career, wages, etc.

My Road is an outstanding tool that helps students learn how to match what they like, what they are interested in, to careers. Once armed with that information, the education path required to meet the areas of interest/careers noted, is a much easier conversation to have.

Good Luck!

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