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While in-state public universities usually have a much lower tuition fee for in-state students, many colleges across the country, especially private institutions, offer need-based and merit-based scholarships and grants to residents and non-residents. So it is not advised to eliminate out-of-state colleges on the basis of tuition fee alone.
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Although remaining in-state may seem the less expensive at first glance, in reality, as noted above, there are many need and merit-based scholarships, grants, etc. available for students. Please know that financial aid/scholarships can never be a 100 percent promise. There are a great deal available ,but students must do their research. At the same time, for example, several colleges in PA match the cost of a four-year program in New Jersey. Below is an article which offers some comparisons for you to consider: https://www.studentloan.com/plan/out-of-state-tuition/ Good Luck!

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