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Monica E. Randall, PhD Points0
Remember that colleges admit students not high schools.  Although highly selective schools tend to admit a high percentage of graduates from private schools, nationally, only 6% of admitted students come from private, non-religious high schools.  One cannot deny however, that private high schools tend to provide services to students that may elevate the prospect for college admission such as smaller class sizes, a counselor completely dedicated to college admissions, and students tend to be more highly motivated. Like most private schools, many public high schools offer competitive curricula and the opportunity for motivated students to participate in rigorous academic programs.  That being said, from an admissions perspective, colleges are looking for students who have completed rigorous courses, earned high grades, and competitive scores on standardized tests.
Jon Semcer Points0
If private school students have an edge it is in the college counseling office. The edge comes from their counselors being highly active in professional organizations such NACAC ( National Association for College Admission Counseling) and College Board. These two group have thousands of members and yearly host an national conference. If one were to look at the number of private school counselors attending compared to public school counselors, there clearly more private school counselors. Both of these conferences are well attended by colleges/ university admission staff members who socialize , participate on panels together and seminars with high school college counselors. The edge is to the private school counselor.

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