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One of the best ways to improve your chances of getting off the waiting list and being accepted is by expressing your continued interest in the institution and the program (e.g. emailing or calling admission staff), including providing them with updates on any recent developments on academic and extracurricular fronts.
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Although continued interest is important it is more important to be sure that you are offering new information when you contact an admissions rep. to express your continued desire to attend their institution. I have always asked my students to undertake a new experience, become involved at a higher level in an organization they are already in, beyond the submission date of their application. In this way, there is new and updated information to share, validating your contacting the rep. again. For example, if you have been involved with the Debate Club as a participant, it would be wise post-app., to step up to a higher level of responsibility thereby giving yourself something else to offer the admissions rep. about yourself.
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No one likes the wait list, but it is part of the process to fill a class. There are several things you can do to help yourself. First, you need to deposit at another school. Do not miss the May 1 Candidates Reply Date. The wait list school may be your first choice, but right how they have no space for you so you need to protect yourself by depositing at your second choice school. Second, read the wait list letter carefully and follow all directions , especially the returning of the enclosed card . You really have to make a educated decision about staying on the wait list -- how many students did the school take last year from the list, how is the list organized ( alpha order, by SATscores+GPA+ Rank in class, or by SAT score only) . Some schools will tell you about year's wait list history-- great information. If you decide to stay on the list - mail the card in before the reply date, send a personal note - avoid email- to your area rep expressing your continued interest in the campus -- repeat again why the campus is where you want to be, review your progress in school ( 1 - 2 sentences) and close by thanking the rep for all their assistance and you look forward to seeing them on campus next fall. Remember your time is short as a senior so continue to work to your fullest in class. In many cases you will not hear about your status on the wait list until late July ( schools must notify wait listed applicants by August 1.) Be prepared to go to the second school , but be positive about the first choice. Things always work out for the best --.

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