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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Super Scoring applies to the SAT.

If you take the SAT three times and receive the scores below, super scoring would find the colleges using the highest score in each area, combining them for your one total score which in this case would be: 670+630+630 = 1,930 -

If you add the individual test date scores you would have:

10/15        1,900

5/15          1,890

10/16         1,890

So you see, individual test dates averaged are lower than the super score -

Test Date                           Critical Reading                             Math                                Writing

10/15                                            650                                    620                                     630***

5/16                                              670 ***                                600                                    620

10/16                                            640                                     630 ***                               620

In regard to how super scoring is used by top tier schools, pls. see the article below which explains the process in detail. This article will point you to a college board listing which reflects each school and their view of SAT scoring. http://blog.prepscholar.com/which-colleges-superscore-the-sat

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Lawrence Q. Alexander Points0
Many selective schools do NOT super score. I know NYU to be one of them for a fact. All is NOT lost, however. Many selective schools won't publish this, but many will accept 2-3 SAT Subjects as a supplement to a student whose SAT score may just border their admissions' requirements. In NYU's case, they are "Test Flexible" which gives students a number of opportunities to succeed via standardized tests, http://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/apply/freshmen-applicants/instructions/standardized-tests.html In short, no two selective schools are alike, but there are ways to be successful in the application process when they don't super score. I'd be glad to continue the conversation with anyone who's interested.

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