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The Scholastic Assessment Test known as the SAT (www.collegeboard.org) is designed to measure critical reading, math, and writing abilities.  The American College Testing or ACT (www.actstudent.org) is a national admissions exam consisting of subject tests in the following areas: math, science, English, reading, and writing.  Colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT.  Although it does not matter which test you take, these tests have different components and depend on different academic ‘strengths’.  To determine which test is best for you, consider taking a practice test for both tests and see which one best highlights your strengths.  

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The only person it matters to, which test you take, is you! You are the one that must sit for the test. You are the one that must study for the test. Colleges want a score, it can be from either the SAT or ACT, 100% of colleges will now accept either one. The greater question is which test will you do better on. Sit for both in the spring of jr. yr. and see how you do, see how each felt to you and then, retake the one felt or did better with, in the fall of your sr. yr. An easy way of deciding which test to take: Do you like puzzles, brain teaser questions? SAT Do you comprehend lectures quickly, do well in science and know a bit of trig.? ACT Do you enjoy reading for pleasure? ACT Do you like problem solving, class discussions based on logic? SAT Good Luck!

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