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The specific colleges that you are planning to apply to will list the SAT subject tests that they recommend or require. If they do not list any SAT subject tests, then they do not require them. This information can usually be found under the "Admissions" or "Apply" tabs on most college websites.
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First, contact the colleges you are interested in. By asking the question directly from an admissions rep., you can be sure that you get the most updated information regarding testing.

Some colleges will ask you to take the SAT Subject Tests to add to your application for review while others ask the same but use the scores for placement in freshman year English and Math classes. If you are told that the scores are used for placement, you know you need to take the English and Math subject tests.

If scores are used for admission, it is wise to ask the schools directly, which tests they want to see you take. Also many, many colleges will now (if you also take the writing section) accept the ACT without the need for the SAT Subject Test. This makes sense because the ACT is a subject-based test. Speak to the colleges you are applying to for the best advice but no need to worry just yet - first ask what the scores are used for then you can decide if you want to take the SAT, SAT Subject Test or, the ACT. Good Luck!
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Many students ask us about the SAT Subject Tests—they are confused about whether they need to take them, and also want to know which ones they should take. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the SAT Subject Tests.

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT Subject Tests are multiple-choice, one-hour tests focusing on a specific topic. They are scored on a scale of 200-800. There are 20 Subject Test, which fall into five categories: English, history, languages, math, and science. Here is a list of all the subjects

When should I take the SAT Subject Tests?

It is a good idea to take the Subject Tests after completing course work in the area of study that you will be tested on. The tests are usually given six times/year, but not all of the test subjects are offered on every date. You can take up to three Subject Tests on any test date. Here are the test dates for 2019-2020. 

 Which Subject Tests should I take?

To determine which Subject Tests to take, go to the websites of the colleges you are applying to and review the application requirements. Many colleges do not require the Subject Tests. Some do not require them, but recommend them. Some schools may recommend the tests, but only for specific majors. If you do well on the tests, it can strengthen your application.

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