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Sharon Rosnick Points0
You should plan to take the SAT second semester Junior Year.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Generally speaking yes, the second semester of Junior Year is the usual time which students take the SAT or ACT but, you can take them at anytime. Having said that, often students will sit for one of the tests in January just to get a feel for what the overall experience is like and, to better acquaint themselves on just what material is covered in the mathematics section. Having knowledge of what mathematics is covered and having knowledge of how well they were able to do, sitting for a test in January allows students a better understanding of what to attack in order to be best prepared for spring testing.
Jon Semcer Points0
I would advise you to take the PSAT first in your sophomore year - the PSAT is a shorter SAT test.No one will see those scores; only you , your parents and your counselor. It will give you good practice for the up coming PSAT as a junior with no concern about scores being on your record. Being familiar with the test ( SAT) has it s clear advantages.

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