When should I take the PSAT?

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To be considered for National Merit Scholarships, you are required to take PSAT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test - NMSQT) in your junior year. But, many high-school students also take it in their sophomore year to get familar with the test.
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In October of your junior year, you are invited to take the PSAT and have your score count, toward assessment of whether or not, you qualify to participate in the National Merit Competition. You can take the PSAT during your sophomore year but your scores will not count which, is a good thing. As a sophomore, students become familiar with the test without the worry of their scores counting. Depending on your school, there may or may not be charge for taking the test as a sophomore because schools need to order and pay for each test they give. Many schools will not charge students in grade 11 but do for those in grade 10. Best to check with your particular HS.
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If you are a very good student and want to be prepared for the junior year administration so that you have an opportunity to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship, I would advise taking the PSAT in your freshman year. There is no better preparation than actually taking the test --- remember the PSAT is only given once a year. The more familiar you are with the test directions, the timing, the type of questions, the testing site and looking at your results the better prepared you will be junior year The cut off score for National Merit is different for each state and it is based on the number of students in the state who sit for the test each. There is no accurate way to predict what the cut off for your state will be except looking at past scores ( these scores are available in your school's guidance office) Also, please note that many colleges buy junior PSAT scores from College Board and recruit students by mailing them materials. Good luck!!

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