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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
To best prepare for the SAT, sign onto the College Board and sign up for, The Question of the Day. I suggest to my juniors to start the question of the day in September if they are planning to take the test in the Spring. In this way, the College Board will send you a real time SAT question every day. If you know the answer right away great if not, fear not! If you do not know the answer, print the question out and gather for oh about two weeks, all the questions you were not able to respond to. At the end of two weeks, sit with a teacher or tutor and review each question. This practice if done Monday through Friday, will give you 5 practice questions each week so that after 8 months (Sept. through April) you will gained information and, you will have become familiar with what an SAT question looks like and, how to pick it apart for quick responses.

Online, you can view a few websites that can help you as well such as:

Khan Academy


PWNthe sat.com


The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammer (book)

I think all of the above should really help you out!

Good luck -
Jon Semcer Points0
I do not know what year of high school you are in, but I will base my reply on a couple of things. Let's assume you are a first year student - take the most challenging course work you can in math, and English. Read outside of the required reading assignments. Read anything that interest you and take ten minutes each night to read anddo this every night. You will be surprised how many books you can read in one year ( also a great help during those college interviews to be able to discuss books that you have read) The reading will improve your comprehension and speed while improving your focus. Challenging course work give you improved access to higher level thinking skills in order to complete assignments.Continue to take challenging courses and you will be a building a great foundation on which to be ready for testing.Studies by College Board have shown that students who challenge them selves in the class room with honors, advanced and AP course work have scores than students who do not. There are , of course, review courses, on line College Board review exercises and practice tests and review classes offered by many companies. These classes might teach you test taking skills , not the material. If you have not be exposed to the material covered or do not understand it no amount of review will assist you. That is why pushing your self in school to be challenged is the key. Good luck!!

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