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Monica E. Randall, PhD Points0

The college essay or ‘personal statement’ is the most time consuming part of your college application and it deserves the most attention.  It is one of the most important part of your college application and it is different from a traditional essay written for a school assignment.  Therefore, it is appropriate to seek professional help and guidance on writing your personal statement.  An advisor can help you brainstorm topics and offer unique insight into writing excellent and highly communicative essays.  Remember, your personal statement is your chance give colleges a complete picture of who you are as an individual.  Keep in mind that the end result should be your work and that you take ownership of the entire process.  

Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Although it is OK to seek professional help I am guessing that in your HS, there is probably no need to pay for outside assistance when you have both your guidance counselor and, English teacher(s) in the building. The essay is so very important but who really knows you best would be the question - an outside source or a teacher/counselor that has known you for some time - perhaps your English teacher from jr. yr. can assist - I have found that educators love to assist - they are only waiting to be asked. Good Luck!
Jennifer L. Severini-Kresock Points0
The essay is the only part of the college application over which you have complete control It must be your own work and in your own voice. However, it is permissible for you to have someone help you brainstorm your topic and proofread your essay. I don't believe that an essay would be the main reason why a student doesn't get accepted at a particular school, however, a well-written essay can certainly improve your chances for getting accepted. No matter what the question is, the college is looking for you to tell your story and show them why you should be accepted at your school. What will you do for them with your presence at their school and how is it the school for you! Happy Writing!

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