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Monica E. Randall, PhD Points0
It is best to consider advanced courses that your high school offers.  Admissions officers like to see that students are challenging themselves.  In addition, students typically receive an extra point on their GPA for mastering advanced level courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.  For example, a 'B' received in an AP or IB course is worth 4.0 points instead of the usual 3.0 points while an 'A' received in an AP or IB class is worth 5.0 points instead of the usual 4.0 points.  Also, many colleges will give college course credit if you score well on the final, official examination.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
I would suggest opting for the advanced courses. Be sure that once enrolled, you will be able to achieve and maintain either an A or B average. If you should begin to experience difficulty with an advanced class reach out for assistance as soon as possible. AP classes are those courses covering material presented at a speed in to a depth, that college courses are offered. In achieving an A or B, you are showing the colleges to which you apply, that you can in fact handle successfully, the work load associated with a college level course. At the same time, you are still in high school so that if you do have a hard time, you have an entire school year to work through the difficulties or get used to the demands before enrolling into freshman year when you are required to work more independently. If in the course of the first few weeks of school you are not sure of how you may fair in an advanced class meet with your teacher to discuss expectations, course material and upcoming assignments. By meeting with your teacher and covering these areas, you will be able to line yourself up more readily for success. Good Luck!

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