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Senior year grades do matter. Most of the admission offers are conditional. You are expected to continue to perform well. The college has an option to rescind the offer if the student is not performing well post acceptance.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Senior year absolutely counts! Let's say that you put in your applications in December. Your mid-year grades comes out generally in February. If the admissions office has made a decision regarding your acceptance, the senior year grades to that point will validate their decision. If they have not made a decision, the mid-year grades will play a large role in the final selection process. At the close of the school year, a final transcript will be sent to the college which you have selected to attend. If your grades are poor, they can pull your acceptance or, put you on academic probation even before you start school. So, yes senior grades matter - they matter a lot!
Jon Semcer Points0
Senior grades are most important. When you received that fat letter of admission, read it carefully, and do not just read the first sentence announcing your acceptance. In the second paragraph will be a sentence that reads something like this-- it is expected that you will continue to make satisfactory academic progress and your acceptance is conditional based on a review of your final transcript. Are students denied admission? Yes. They will be mailed a letter in late July / early August informing them that the Director of Admission has reviewed the transcript and found final grades or a grade in a class that is unacceptable. In some cases the student has 10 days to reply in writing as to any unusual conditions that affected the final grade(s) and that reply will be reviewed. Do not let this happen to you. Keep working.

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