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College admission decisions are not made based on whether a student has participated in a specific activity or not. Colleges are looking for passion, commitment and success in a chosen activity. So pick an activity that you would enjoy!
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Both leadership in a club and participating a sport require time, commitment and well developed time management skills. Balancing practice / games is just as important as balancing leadership responsibilities and ,therefore, it is difficult to chose a winner. College admission officers want to see some type of commitment to activity and will weigh clubs and sports equally.
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When a student completes a section of an application which, requests a listing of their activities, it is more important to keep in mind quality vs. quantity. Some students will list countless activities when in reality, colleges are looking less for an overall amount and more for, the commitment reflected through their participation. If you are able to hold a position of responsibility in either a club or with a team it is the leadership you show, that is important in and of itself. Select your activities wisely. Select activities that you are able to give yourself to freely because you enjoy it so much. If you want to volunteer with animals try to find an activity which will allow you to contribute 5 to 8 hours a week. As you continue to work with the same organization, perhaps you could rise to a position of leadership or, take on more responsibility. It is this one ongoing, quality commitment that will appeal more to colleges as opposed to being concerned as to whether you are in a sport or club. One of my former clients was a volunteer with their local fire department participating between 12 and 15 hrs. per week, over the course of 2 1/2 years. In addition, their grades reflected a high B average and during the summer breaks, they were involved at the local bank for an additional 12 hrs. per week (every summer). This particular student was in great shape when it came time to apply all the while really enjoying their volunteer work. Such a large commitment also, gave this student a good deal of experience working with people from different walks of life enhancing their level of empathy for others and providing great ideas for their essay. Good Luck!

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