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Sharon Rosnick Points0
Visit both with your child. There are some vocational schools that offer a bachelors. Why does your child want to attend a vocational school? This is important information to understand. What field are they interested in that is drawing them to a vocational school rather than college.  Perhaps  education for the field they are interested in pursuing is more appropriately studied at a vocational school. This information will help both you and your child to ask the right questions as you visit both 4 years and Vocational schools. This way once a final decision has been made you both feel confident that all aspects have been looked at to arrive at the best choice of education for the field they want to enter.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
If I am right, your concern is not whether your child goes to college but, how will your child have a secure financial future if they do not have a college degree? That is a valid question and, concern. Going to a vocational school is actually not a poor choice. It does show that your child is thinking about their future, is thinking about what kind of work they would be interested in as an adult. In day to day life, there are electricians, plumbers, welders, those working the flight control deck at a local airport, carpenters, dental assistants, graphic artists, etc. that are earning a good wage in solid fields. As long as your child understands and is willing to embrace education and/or training post high school, you and they, are in a good place. I have often asked my students that were not interested in attending college to think of areas they could be trained in, that are needed day to day, areas that technology although it can advance can not, take their jobs away. Those are the secure jobs, some are found by following a path to college and some, by following a part to trade school. In either case, we want them all to follow their path to happiness. Good Luck!

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