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Sharon Rosnick Points0
Transferring junior year sometimes can be  more difficult on an emotional level then on an academic level. Here are some important  questions to investigate since the transcript that  will be sent off to colleges fall of senior year will list your grades and classes that you took freshman through junior.

1. Will all my classes transfer , if not will they still be on my transcript with the grade to show I took them, just w/o credit?

2. How will my GPA be affected if so how?

3. Will my credits for my classes change?

4. Do they offer the same similar class that I planned on taking( this can be very important with a foreign language or othe concentrations like music or art particularly for a student who planned on taking it all 4 yrs.) ?

5. Does the school offer the sport(s) that I play?

6. If I transfer can I still graduate on time?
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Although colleges will not mind if a student  changed schools jr. yr. they will notice if the classes they undertake are at a lower level than those taken at the previous school. Also, when applying to college, will the GPA from the original school be averaged into the GPA at the second school? Some high schools will only provide a GPA/rank for the time t enrolled with their school. Students need to be sure how the GPA that is sent, was calculated. If the GPA is only calculated on the second school, an addition transcript from each HS reflecting both, GPA's, may need to be sent.

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