What standardized tests do I take?

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SpanOne Staff Points0
All students are required to take one of two tests, SAT and ACT, depending upon their test preference. Advisor can help build a personalized test preparation and test taking plan based on student's preferences and capabilities.
Sharon Rosnick Points0
As to which standardized test to take for college entry, truely depends on where you are planning to apply. Students in the Midwest planning to apply to colleges usually take the ACT. Those planning to attend east and West Coast schools usually take the SAT. The key here is that if you are not sure which test to take is to Visit the college websites of the colleges you are interested in and look at the admissions criteria for those schools. It should list which standardized tests you need to take.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
In trying to determine which test to take my first response would be - take both! But, if you really want to focus on only one, keep the following in mind: ACT - less time permitted for each question SAT - section on science no science essay is optional essay is required has trig. questions no trig. questions no guessing penalty guessing penalty The above is a partial list of the differences but the differences don't really help you to determine which test you might be better suited for. Try to think about yourself as an individual. Do you like logic, doing puzzles, brain teaser type of questions or, do puzzles drive you crazy and brain teasers you find annoying? If you like the puzzles and brain teasers, the SAT might be more for you. On the other hand, if you have been able to retain information easily in your high school classes, enjoy reading assignments and discussion and, science is an area you do well in then, the ACT might be for you instead. Again though I would encourage you to take both and see what your level of comfort is for each.You can do practice tests for both SAT and ACT which can help you to decide as well.

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