Take SAT a second time or go for ACT?

My daughter scored 1885 in SAT on her first attempt. Would you recommend she take it again, or try her luck with ACT? She has not taken ACT before.

2 Answers

Jeff Williams Points0
Some students perform vastly different on the two tests, so I recommend taking both. Most schools will use the higher of the two scores in the review of your application. If you do take the ACT, I recommend taking the ACT with writing since many schools will only look at your ACT if it includes the writing section.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Take each once - in the spring of jr. yr. and then decide which to take a second time. Some students will retake one or both 3x but you really need to be comfortable sitting for another day - two days- of testing. The ACT should always be taken with the writing section. I know, I know - boo hiss - you wanted to get away from the writing section but as stated above, the colleges want to see how well you can write which is also a reflection of your thought process works so it makes sense that they would want to see your scores from this area. If you take both the SAT and ACT in the spring of your jr. yr., you will have a better idea of how you felt taking each and in the end, your scores will show which was a bit easier for you. Once you have your scores from both tests and you can say which test you feel stronger with, you can then elect to take that test again in the fall of sr. yr. giving yourself the summer for added test prep. Good Luck!

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