Can we just report the best of two or are we required to report both scores?

2 Answers

Susan M Points0
Most University and Colleges in the U.S. require you to report one of two.  You are not required to report both.  I recommend reporting only the highest of the two.  You could find a comparison chart here:

or, here:

Send the higher score according to the chart. For example, if your child got 2100 on the SAT but 34 on the ACT, send the ACT score instead.  Good luck!
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
No need to report both. You can send both but no need, you only want really, to send your highest score. The ACT is not accepted by every college nationwide so no need to worry that one test is considered of greater value than the other either so, whichever one allows you to shine brightest, that would be the one to send. Please keep in mind though that, if you do not fair well on either test, you can locate many, many, many schools that are test optional by visiting: It may not seem possible because the SAT and ACT have been such a part of the admissions process for several years but it is true, more and more colleges are going the test optional route so be sure to check out their website. Good Luck!

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