How much college major matters?

3 Answers

Sharon Rosnick Points0
College major matters to assist in determining the correct course of study and the classes that need to be taken. Also if an applicant knows what they want to major in, it will help determine which colleges of interest to apply too.
Susan M Points0
for future career paths and decisions? to get into your dream school? to get accepted to a top 10 university? to medical school? to law school? to graduate studies? These questions all have different answers. PM me if you want specifics.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
If you are a high school jr. or sr., please try to take some pressure off of yourself. You are involved in the college process; process meaning that it will take some time to unfold, that there is a beginning and, an end to this particular journey. Selecting schools to apply to, applying and then waiting for responses and making a final decision all while trying to keep up your senior grades and activities, is more than enough for you to think about. Trying to select a major is a very personal issue because it involves your set of interests, not those of friends or relatives. If you can look over your high school career and see that you really enjoyed English over History or Science over Language than look into those areas as possible interests but try not to demand of yourself, that you make a decision on a major. Colleges will ask you to select a major by the close of your second year so try not to stress too much over making the choice. If you are interested though in studying medicine, law, engineering, etc. it is a bit more important to declare the major because you may be applying to colleges that will only accept students into these majors freshmen year. You can check with the colleges on your list as to which majors you can only enter into, as you start your studies with them that first year. Good Luck!

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