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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0

The short answer is, Yes. The majority of high schools today utilize Naviance. Naviance can give you a breakdown of the students from your school that have been accepted to a particular college and, the average GPA/test scores of those students. This information allows you to compare yourself, (as long as you know your GPA and test scores) to judge  your chances of being accepted.

On the other hand, if your school does not use Naviance, you can use: www.collegedata.com. Although CollegeData cannot give you information about your school directly, it can give you the overall picture of students accepted at colleges you are researching, which will give you the ability to judge your chances of acceptance and to find colleges that are a good match for you.

On CollegeData, you enter the name of the college you are researching and it will take you to a chart that  lists the average GPA and average test scores of applicants. Armed with this information, you can judge your chances of acceptance

Another option is College Navigator which can also give you the same information. Bottom line, no worries if your school does not use Naviance, there are other options.

Nothing is promised, nothing is sure but, this type of information gives you some data to determine if it is worth your while, to apply.

Good Luck!

Janice Kirn-Sottilaro

Jennifer L. Severini-Kresock Points0

Absolutely---some of my favorites include:

There are also various books to look for from Peterson's, The College Board, Fiske Guide to Colleges, and The Guide to America's Best Colleges to name a few.

Miriam Schaffer Points0

College Hunch is an app that will provide you with:

  • SAT, ACT, and GPA averages that you can compare your results with. It also has:
  • Popular majors
  • Admission requirements and deadlines. You can tap on a date to add it to your calendar.
  • Tuition and fees, plus financial aid statistics
  • Similar schools
  • Notable alumni

Downloading this app can help you to create a balanced college list and help you to meet all deadlines.

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