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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0

Here are questions to ask on a college tour that can help you to become better acquainted with the school:

  • What percentage of students return for a second year?
  • What percentage of students graduate in 4 years?
  • What percentage of students find a career in their field within 5 years of graduation?
  • Are students able to be assigned a mentor in the workforce before senior year?
  • What is the campus crime rate? The rate is reflective of what type of crime?
  • What options are there for commuter students to feel connected to the campus and other students?
  • Does the college offer transportation from the local train station to campus?
  • Can you give some examples of internships your students have been offered?
  • Each year tuition goes up for many schools; what has been the percentage increase each year for your school?
  • If the school is a Catholic college, are there particular classes students must take?
  • Does the school offer substance-free dorms?
  • What percentage of classes are led by teaching assistants?
  • Are professors required to "publish?"
  • Do incoming freshman take a first-year seminar class?
  • Is the school a suitcase college?
  • Can freshmen have cars on campus?
  • What is the percentage of students accepted to medical and law school upon graduation? What percentage of students are accepted into a graduate program upon graduation?
  • Does your school offer/require laptops of all students?
  • What kind of special services do you offer a student that had an IEP while in high school? Are student counseling services available on campus?
  • Are students permitted to take summer courses at home and transfer credits to your institution?
  • Is your school test optional?
  • What are the average SAT/ACT scores of students accepted to your school?
  • If wait listed, what can a student do to be moved off of the list?
  • Is there a volunteer EMT site on campus or does the township service emergency calls to the college?
  • What percentage of acceptances are offered to students applying regular decision as opposed to early decision?
  • Can a letter of recommendation for your school come from an employer or are they required to come from teachers and counselors only?
  • How late into the evening is food service available on campus?
  • Does your health center have a doctor on campus or, on call?
  • What is the general size of an upper division class?
  • Do undergraduates have opportunities to be involved in research on campus?
  • What honors programs does your school offer?
  • Are senior students required to complete a project, research task, etc.?
  • Does your college offer any type of tutoring or assistance with mathematics or writing on campus?
  • Do you offer a study abroad program?
  • What types of financial aid does your school offer? What does a typical package look like? Is there Greek life on campus? How are their activities monitored?
  • What form of career services does your school offer?

Good Luck!

Jon Semcer Points0

The typical tour is conducted by a student who works for the admissions office and may not have all admissions data that a member of the admission staff would have.

Before I give you some questions to ask let me say that the best time to ask " inside questions" is after the tour is over and it is just you, your parents, and the tour guide. Let's do those questions first:

  • Why did you decided to enroll at this school?
  • Where else were you admitted?
  • How accommodating do you find professors with office hours and extra help?
  • What do you think is a big social issue on campus?
  • How secure are the dorms? A
  • re there 24/7 foot patrols on campus?
  • if you had to pick one thing to change about this college/university what would it be?
  • What would you want not to change?

You will find most tour guides are great kids and will talk with you (always ask them if they have a few extra minutes to give you).

Other questions you might find important are:

  • How many credits can you take in the summer at another school?
  • Can any courses for graduation be tested out of?
  • Is there a late night shuttle between the library and the dorms?
  • How wired is the campus?
  • Are there any plans in the next four years to expand the campus in terms of academic buildings or resident halls?
  • Can you explain the course registration process for incoming freshmen?

As the tour moves around campus other questions will come up based on the guide's presentation. One more tip-- always take pictures of each campus you visit because after three campuses you may forget what you saw at each campus.  Good luck.

Jennifer L. Severini-Kresock Points0

There are so many! Here are some to questions to consider asking on a college visit:

  • What is the current student enrollment?
  • What percent of students receive financial aid?
  • What are the required high school courses?
  • What entrance exams are required?
  • What percentage of applications are accepted?
  • What is the application deadline?
  • What are the financial aid forms that are required?
  • What athletic programs are available?
  • Is there a big emphasis on Greek life?
  • What is the male-to female ratio?
  • What is the four year graduation rate?
  • What special programs are offered? 

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