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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Yes! Even if a college does not require an interview, you can ask to meet with the admissions representative that oversees the applications for your high school. You do not need to have a formal interview but you can always stop by to say hello, introduce yourself and express your level of interest. It may be only a quick meet and greet yet by doing so, you have given the rep. an idea of just how interested you are in their school. From there, if a college fair is in the area or, they visit your school, students can re-introduce themselves allowing reps. to match the name with the face with, the application. Always a good thing! Good Luck!
Jon Semcer Points0
Good question. What we need to know is how big is" your college"? If it is a large school they may not have enough staff or time to give interviews. If the admissions office grants interviews ,but they are not required you should interpret that to mean " we want to interview you but we will see if you call us". For students who are applying, but live a great deal of distance from the campus and traveling would prove to be a hardship , make a call and explain that you would love and welcome an interview but the distance is too great or money is tight or your school schedule does not leave any open dates. If you live within a 200 miles circle of the school and do not schedule an interview nor do you call to explain why not, it could raise questions about your interest in the campus.. When a school states that an interview is not required -- go for the interview. Going can not hurt you. Best wishes for this year.

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