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Taking AP course can play a part in the evaluation of your ability to challenge yourself in the classroom. The  score earned on the exam also helps to determine a number of factors -- how well you were prepared for the exam, your willingness to accept the challenge of the exam and your ability to write and retain factual information. The selection of AP courses, the overall quality of your other courses, the rigor of your high school's curriculum, the competitiveness of the student body (your rank in class and grade point average), plus the quality of the colleges/ universities accepting students from your high school all are factors. Top all of these factors off with SAT/ ACT scores and you have a complete picture of what highly selective schools look at in a student. School and community activities play a role as well as teacher evaluations. AP course and scores are not the deciding factor in terms of admission. They help, and please bear in mind that other students applying for the same seat you are after will present a compelling profile as well.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
There is more than one factor such as how many AP courses a student has taken. This may be taken into consideration when determining if one applicant is accepted to a particular school over another. Your overall GPA, class rank, standardized test scores, activities, essay, and recommendations all combine to give an admissions counselor a clearer picture of each applicant. Also, students' essays add to their profile.

Still, many will say the number of AP courses you take in school does not matter, but in reality, they do. The number of AP courses you take will have a larger impact when applying to those schools considered upper tier. Also, the grade you earn is important. If you enroll in AP courses but do not achieve a solid A or B, the class will not make you stand out. It may in fact impact you in a less positive way. All that said, you need to enroll in those courses that will offer you the greatest challenge but not at the expense of your grade. There will always be arguments to be made for taking as many AP courses as a student can handle, but my experience tells me to be sure one is up to the challenge in order to maintain a higher GPA. Good Luck!

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