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Your high school guidance counselor can provide you with outstanding information.

To begin when you apply to college, a transcript is sent to each school you apply to which will list all of the courses you have undertaken along with the grades received in each. In addition, at the close of junior year, students are given an overall GPA (grade point average), an average of all grades achieved through grade 11. At this point, juniors are also given a rank; where they stand according to their GPA, with the rest of their class. As you begin your college search, you need to know your GPA and rank in order to determine your chances of being accepted into the various schools. For example, if Ramapo College is seeking applicants with a 3.7 GPA that are ranked 135 in their class and, a student has a GPA of 3.8 and a rank of 132, stands to reason, they should have a good chance of being accepted although, nothing can ever be promised.

But beyond the GPA and rank, your guidance counselor can help you to determine what type of school you might be interested in through conversation and questions. The more they get to know you, the more they will be able to help you identify schools that would be a "good fit." Guidance Counselors can also instruct you on how to use collegeview.com, collegedata.com or, naviance in order to build a college list and, investigate how strong of a candidate you could be at each school you are interested in.

The guidance counselor is your point person. You need to meet with them sharing your hopes for post high school. You need to quiz them on useful websites, questions about standardized testing, applications, essays, recommendations, etc. In other words, the guidance counselor is your "private" college coach but you need to access them. They are a wealth of information to be utilized helping in the search for colleges to put on your list to assisting in selecting a major or sharing knowledge about possible careers. Use them all you can!

Good Luck!

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