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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Now this is perhaps the easiest of all questions to answer - if the fit is not right, the student will not be happy or comfortable - they will not feel at home which in turn, has a negative impact on grades.

A former student of mine was accepted at Rutgers University as an ED student. Contrary to my advice, they decided to enroll. Do not misunderstand, I love RU but this student, coming from a small, all girls catholic HS well, I was not sure she was ready for a large, co-ed campus. Within a week, she began returning home on Thursdays heading back to campus on Mondays in between crying most days and nights; no socialization. Feeling lonely and isolated, her grades dropped dramatically. At the end of the second semester, she returned home enrolling in a state college, commuting each day finishing three years later as an honor student, with friends and activities to match the experiences of her peers at RU. In the second school, she went for the better fit over the name and her grades left her completing her degree at the top of her class.

It is not often about where one attends college but rather, it is about what one makes of the experience and opportunities offered.

Good Luck!
Jon Semcer Points0
" Fit" is all about everything the campus has to offer a student. Food services, the classroom environment, dorm life, major and minors offered, study abroad , size of the campus and the architecture, the student body profile, the location of the campus ( urban, rural or suburban), distance from home and all other factors come under the 'fit". There is no such place as the " perfect" school or the one and only "right school. Every campus has it draw backs, but the question is how many draw backs and how important are they to you? Attending a school because of the name ( brand) can prove to be a mistake because that school may be not a good " fit" for you socially , academically or both. Think of it this way, would you buy a designer article of clothing that did not look good on you? But you buy it anyway because of the designer's logo on the front and you want everyone to know you have it. Keep in mind you will spend more time at college ( if you live on campus) then you will at home. "Fit" is very important for you over all college experience . Good hunting.

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