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DeEnna Holohan Points0
Visiting a college and/or attending an information session strengthens an application in multiple ways.  First, by visiting campus, you get to gather so much more information than if you simply visited the website.  Most of my students tell me that they have a visceral or gut response when they arrive on a campus, it just "feels right" or it doesn't.  On a campus visit you will have the opportunity to experience the size, personality, and look of the campus.  This information will be very valuable to you as you determine if the school is the right fit for you.  This information comes in handy as you apply to the school, being able to talk specifically about your experiences during your visit expresses to the college that you took the time to come visit and to find out what was special about their campus.  This can strengthen your application because admission reps aren't just trying to figure out if you are a good fit for their campus, they also want to know that you have done your homework and that you can articulate why you think their campus is a good fit for you!  Secondly, more and more campuses are starting to track something called demonstrated interest.  By visiting the campus (or even attending an information session at a local hotel or on your high school campus) you are conveying to to college that you have more than just a passing interest in their institution.  When reading season occurs, some colleges/universities may look to this visit/contact to strengthen their decision to admit you, feeling that you might be more likely to attend because you have decided the campus is a good fit.
Jon Semcer Points0
There is no question that attending an Open House ( be sure to call or email to register ahead of time) and taking a guided tour of the campus ( again, be sure to call ahead to confirm a date / time) will go along way to helping you decide if the campus and its offerings are " good fit for you". Several years ago colleges/ universities started to track a student's interest in their campus. Attending college fairs and speaking with the rep, your attendance at open house events, weekend stays, interviews and tours are all recorded. The events just mentioned help you to decided if a campus is going to be " your second home " for four years. You will spend more time at school than you will at home, so take advantage of every opportunity to make a sound decision. The admission office also wants have students who are truly interested in attending their school. Your " interested index" will be included in your application jacket and just might be one of the deciding factors.
Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Short answer: Yes, absolutely. When you submit your application, it is important for an admissions rep. to be familiar with your name. They may not know what high school or state you are from. They may not recall what exactly it is that stands out about your name. They may not be able to even place you but, they know that name. If you email a question to a rep. every two weeks or so being sure that the questions are solid then, shake their hand at an information session, they will be able to place your face with your name and thus, your application. Colleges rate your level of interest, of this you can be sure so, let them know that you are out here, that you are very interested in their school, that you have done your research and know particulars about their institution. The more they know you and your level of interest, the better. Just be careful that what you ask through those email questions are as said earlier, solid questions. If you are on a campus for a tour, call ahead and ask if you can meet with the admissions rep. that takes care of those schools in your state, in your area. You need not have a long interview and nothing says you can not be honest - letting a rep. know in person just how high your interest level is, is always a good thing! Remember, these reps. will also be visiting your school to provide an information session, perhaps a regional breakfast in your area or, a college fair during which you can again, introduce yourself and shake their hand, allowing for the mental connection to be made from name to application to interest. By attending events, reaching out to reps. with questions and shaking their hand, you are also letting them know how strong of an advocate you can be for yourself, another great quality for them to know about you. Good Luck!

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