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How to Pick the Right College...

When looking for the "right college" I ask students to use a chart that I provide for them which they fill in for each of the schools they are interested in. The chart reflects the name of the school, the average GPA of those admitted &, average SAT/ACT scores. Once armed with this information along with a copy of their transcript reflecting their own GPA and rank, they are able to see if their qualifications match what each school is looking for. I then ask students to select schools which, they are sure they would be accepted to (safety schools), have a 50/50 chance of getting into (reasonable schools) and finally, those which are above their qualifications (reach schools). In the end, students do well with a final list of 6 to 8 schools to which they apply.

There needs to be more to the picture though, aside from academic and testing qualifications. A student may seem like a great match on paper but, just because they are likely to be admitted does not mean they will be happy. It is the comfort factor, that can really determine if a school is right or not. Students need to walk a campus, see the students up close, picture themselves in the dorms, be comfortable in using the health care facilities, library, etc. Keep in mind, students will be taking part in academic study this is true yet they have social activities which will engage them as well as day to day living. They need to be completely at home on campus in order for the school to the "right college." Life experiences such as illness, romance, career options will all be a part of their time while in college. When trying to determine which school is "right," be sure to factor in comfort along with quality of the education offered as it is both which, will provide the best possible experience overall.

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" The right college" can be one of dozens or perhaps even a hundred schools. There is no perfect campus because each school has it own set of drawbacks or issues. What you want to do is research schools that are all " right" for you. This means the size of the school fits what you are looking for in a campus.. Some students want a very large campus while others want a campus that is very walkable. The location of the campus is important --- urban , suburban or rural.. Some students have no preference here so they select schools in a variety of locations. How does the campus look to you? Its architecture-- modern, traditional or a combination of both-- what do you like. The only way to decide on all of these questions is to visit as many schools as possible. Be sure to take pictures because after 5 or 6 campus visits you can forget what the first school looked like.. You will " know" if you are comfortable with a school and what schools to cross off the list. This "knowing" is a feeling that this is a" right" place for you. Have a great senior year and all the best to you.

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