Why hire an independent college counselor?

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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
Hiring an independent college counselor may sound a bit out of the ordinary after all, your child has a guidance counselor to assist them with this process, right?

 Guidance counselors are wonderful people trying their best to keep up with the demands placed on them daily from peer or family issues impacting academics, to state or standardized testing, yearly course selection, IEP/Section 504/I&RS meetings, assisting struggling students to a mountain of paperwork let's say, their time is limited.

Independent college counselors are able to provide you with the time needed in order to really get to know your child, their academic standing, interests and needs. Independent counselors have hours after school allowing them much more flexibility in working with your children than guidance counselors do.

I appreciate all the time and effort guidance counselors put into doing their job and helping students through each day but sometimes, there are only so many hours in a day allowing for less and less time with those walking the college search and application process road. Hope this helps!


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Jon Semcer Points0
This is a question every family ask when debating if they should take the step to hire an independent college counselor. Most of us, independent counselors, bring to the table a wide range of experiences in the college search / application process. We have visited many colleges in person, have worked with all types of students, been involved in professional organizations, attend seminars and workshops for college counselors, been presenters at national and state conferences, and worked with hundreds of students during our careers. Independent counselors work with a small group of students each years -- 10 to 20. We personalize the process to fit each student we work with and we are available all the time. High school counselors are great people and dedicated to their job. They are, however, responsible for other jobs in addition to college counseling. At most public high schools the counselor spends 15 - 20 % of their time on college counseling and the other 80 % on testing ,scheduling, attending 504 special education meetings, meeting with parents, administrators to discuss behavioral issues of students. In addition, most high schools are only available when school is in session. The independent counselor has no other task but to work with their students on the college search / application process. A student is only a high school once and you can not go back undo mistakes. Applying to college to in these highly competitive times requires a sound plan and an expert guide.

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