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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
I don't think that there is a particular degree that would work for an international student.

A degree, a major is very important to each individual. There really is no way of determining what degree or major would be best based only on the fact that a student is "international." Each student whether international or from the US, needs to research schools and degrees and majors offered selecting that which applies best to them. On the other hand it is important, to research those schools with strong programming for international students; those schools which have strong support systems in place. It is difficult to leave home and family in another country for study in the US therefore, you want to attend a school that will not only value you but, support you through the transition.

Good Luck!

Janice Kirn-Sottilaro
Jon Semcer Points0
Looking at all the choices in terms of a major can be overwhelming for any student. It really doesn't matter if you are an international student because you face the same questions and perhaps uncertainly that all students face-- what area should I major in? Take the freshman year to explore different courses and fields, talk with your friends on campus, have an honest conversation with your academic advisor and decide where your interest lie. One of the most important keys after graduating is to begin your career and not your job. If what you do is a job you most likely are in the wrong field. Having a long career means you enjoyed what you did every day. Research what the long term employment market is in your home country. This might be a factor in your thinking. Having good support on the undergraduate level is very important for international students. Developing writing and reading skills in English is critical to academic success. There are schools that will require international students to take summer course work in reading, writing and cultural understanding before beginning the fall semester. This summer experience is very valuable towards getting off to a good start in the classroom and in social circles. I hope these ideas and suggestions are helpful to you. Contact us if you need additional advising.

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