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A community college in the USA is a two year school sometimes referred to as a junior college.

At a community college, there are four options available to students:

1.) Receive an AA or AS degree (associate of arts, associate of science) which includes the completion of the first two years of college after which, students may transfer to a four year institution completing requirements for either a BA or BS degree. (It is important to check with the four year schools one might be interested in early on as not all courses taken at the community college always transfer to the four year school).

2.) Completion of a terminal degree or certification program. For example, a student may opt to follow a course of study which will allow them to be a legal secretary which would find an individual completing a terminal degree, a two year degree entitled Legal Secretary under the program description and course requirements. When it comes to a certificate program, you may come across a program designed for HVAC technicians, mechanics, child care workers, etc.

3.) Community colleges tend to be a good deal less expensive than four year institutions. For this reason, students will attend a community college in order to save money using what was saved, for the remaining two years of study toward their BA or BS degree at a four year institution.

4.) Students that may have struggled while in high school are able to attend a community college where they are able to "start again" their educational journey before applying to four year schools. In this way, students are able to bring up their overall GPA and, build a more solid fund of knowledge from which to draw when in the more demanding classes at a four year college.

Community colleges are a wonderful academic and cost effective alternative available to those wishing to further their education.

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