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Your essay has some length limitations, so you're going to want to be very targeted with your topic selection.  It is very likely that what you write about is something you've noted elsewhere on the application, and the essay is where you elaborate on that topic.  For example, you might list in your "Activities" section that you play a sport and are the captain of the team, but you could use the essay to elaborate on learning from a failure in that role.


My one caution, as a reader of 1000s of essays, is to avoid approaching the essay too broadly.  Do not turn your Activities section into paragraph form and use the essay to recount all you've done.  Think small.  Think of a time, a moment, a single experience, a musing, a question, and expand on that in the essay.  This will allow you to build a stronger narrative and backstory while leaving time to really build out your ideas and give your writing space to shine.  Remember that readers are using the essay to evaluate not just what you say, but how you say it.

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