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Show Your Passion in Extracurricular Activities

Colleges like to see that you are participating in activities that are focused on developing a passion and that help you stand out from everyone else. Participating in a range of activities such as music, sports, student council, writing for the school newspaper, and debate club are good and show a well-rounded student, but it doesn’t show that you have developed a specific passion.

It is not how many activities you are involved in, but the quality of participation and involvement in extracurriculars.

What Admissions Reps Want to See in Extracurriculars
Listing activities and not being very involved with them is not enough and does not make your application stand out from others. Admissions reps want to see that you have committed yourself to activities, are passionate about them, and may have taken a leadership role as well as have been recognized with an award or other honors.

If you are in your sophomore or in your junior year of high school, you have the time to strengthen your profile. A good suggestion might be to not add more activities but rather to strengthen and become more active in a select few activities that correlate with your interests.

Example of Showing Passion in Extracurricular Activities

An example of how your extracurriculars can show passion and a focus that helps the application stand apart from the competition might be a student who is passionate about improving the environment. To showcase this, the student in freshman and sophomore year might join a club at the school related to the environment. In junior year, the student would serve as an officer in the club, and in senior would move up the ranks to a higher office, and create an event for the club that attracts the school’s student body.

The student might go to the local middle school to speak about environmental issues and help middle schoolers start a similar club. This student might also create a blog or a YouTube channel related to environmental issues that generates a solid following, and write a regular column on the topic for the school newspaper.

In addition, the student could enter a competition that wins an award for improving or making a difference in the environment.

This is just one example, but finding what truly interests you, and not just what you think the college wants to see, can help to differentiate you from other applicants. To help you strategically plan out your extracurricular activities, contact us for a free consultation.

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