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Colleges need to know that an applicant is able to be successful when engaged in highly demanding academic work. One way of each school determining this is through review of a transcript but if you are home schooled you probably do not have the type of transcript admission reps. are used to but they can still see your overall grades. Homeschooled applicants need to show their level of ability in mathematics (Algebra 2 knowledge and above) and, how well they can write, comprehend, infer, problem solve, think outside the box, etc. Students are able to reflect their skill set through the taking of the SAT/ACT or, through course selection and grades. Colleges will also look for a level of independence because while on campus, students must navigate courses and all that goes with attendance, on their own. Homeschooled students have been working independently for some time allowing them to reassure schools of their ability to be self-motivated, responsible, able to time manage, prioritize, etc. Colleges look for the same things in homeschooled students which, they look for in the traditional student but want that extra reassurance that they are also able to interact with others be they peers or authority figures in order to be able to engage in conversation, projects, advocating for themselves and socialize. One way to show colleges that as a homeschooled student you have the skill sets both academically and emotionally to attend their institution is to be involved, "outside of school" so to speak. Many homeschooled students are employed part-time and, are involved in volunteer programs in their area as well as activities that are faith based. Extra-curricular activities reflect back to colleges all those traits they seek in their applicants whether homeschooled or traditional.

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