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No need to worry about selecting a career or field of study while in high school or, for your first two years of college. It is at the end of year 2 that, you pick a major if it has not already been selected.

There is an exception to this though if perhaps, you want to study architecture or engineering or pre-med, animal studies as these fields often require a student to begin their studies in freshman year but the other areas, no selection required until the close of sophomore year.

I have found students over the years to really worry about this point so much so that, they even hesitate in applying to college. I feel badly when this happens because the student is putting so much pressure on themselves. If you know you know, if you don't you don't. Allow life to unfold as you move forward. Well now that's just not possible is it after all, you are a teen trying to make a plan but plans were made to be followed only to the point that they work then, "monitor and adjust." So your plan changes. Life changes, rarely does it remain the same so demanding of yourself to select a career or field of study that will be permanent is just not being fair to who you are.

Please remember that you are only beginning your college education. You will take class after class learning more and more with each passing semester. You will learn things for the 100th time like American History just in greater depth and, you will learn new things that you have never even heard before. Through in depth discussion and the learning of new things your world will change; it will become larger and when it does, you begin to entertain all sorts of possible career paths. It can be daunting but also, exciting to think of the possibilities.

So, when someone asks (and they always do) what do you want to do when you finish school (the more adult version of what do you want to be when you grow up) just smile and say, "don't know, haven't decided, keeping my options open." Allow yourself a few sleepless nights of worry and, wonder but keep your mind steadfast in the knowledge that you will find your way just like everyone before you. Embrace indecision, it is a part of life and the frustration and fear that goes with it, we all have had to learn how to cope with. That in itself is an education that is well worth every day spent in class! That in itself will carry you through some of your greatest challenges because it is a coping skill that can be applied to just about ever aspect of life!

Good Luck!

Janice Kirn-Sottilaro

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