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It is very difficult for an international student to attend due to funding constraints. International students are not  able to apply for federal loans. Medical schools that do admit international students want to see proof of monies deposited in a third party bank account ( escrow) and / or hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets. Students who have a undergraduate degree from outside the United States or Canada face a more difficult time. If you have not completed your degree  it might to your advantage to  complete the course work in  Canada or the US -- you will have a slightly better chance. If you do not have an undergraduate degree yet, you should consider applying to schools in the US or  Canada to earn that degree.  Always do your research , know which schools even consider international students and remember the financial responsibility of providing proof of monies available. The last set of data I saw indicated that there 124 international students in med school in the US --- while that is not many there are ways to get it done

    I hope this helps you in your decision making. If you need mores services please feel free email SpanOne  or me.

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