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Jon Semcer Points0
This tracking has become an important part of evaluating an application. Applying to a school is not always a sign that the student is really interested. For example, a student may apply " just to see if I can get in" or " I am applying to have a real safe place to go to just in case". Of course, if the student has off the chart scores and a great GPA they most likely will be admitted to most schools, not all, but most. So what is this tracking all about? With the use of software admissions offices now track a student who attended a college fair and spoke with their rep, they know if a student had a campus tour/ interview, they have a record of attending an Open House or staying for a weekend and of course if you visited with the area rep when they came to your high school. The " interest" level is important because many school want students who truly have an interest in attending and want to be a part of the campus community. If a student is a marginal admit, their level of interest can tip the admit decision in their favor. Students should make ever effort to show interest in the schools they will submitting their applications to. It does require time, but remember you only get one chance to make a favorable impression. If you are unable to visit the campus because of distance or other commitments ( athletics, personal matters or cost) be sure to email/ call you area rep and explain why you can not get to the campus. If you need additional information or services please feel free to email me. Best wishes for a great year.
Rachel Minkowsky Points0
"Demonstrated Interest" has become a catchphrase among admissions counselors. Some universities will track email inquiries, attendance at an information session and/or tour, campus visits, etc. An applicant with a history of demonstrated interest may be admitted over another applicant with a similar profile. They see it as proof that an applicant is truly passionate about a school. But. Not all schools subscribe to this philosophy. I recommend that all students email, call, and visit as many schools as possible before they apply... but keep in mind that schools may not give their application "extra credit" for doing so.

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