There is a big difference in the two practices. Admitting students usually refers to large universities or even in some classes mid size schools. The admission practice or process usually depends on the following factors : SAT/ACT scores, grade point average ( GPA), rank in class (RIC), reviewing a transcript for minimum college prep courses and reviewing the application. There are many large universities where an essay, personal statement, letters of recommendation or an interview are not part of the process. These schools are " admitting" students based on the numbers that they have established for that class.

   Selection on the other hand  means just that, the admission office is selecting students based on  SAT/ ACT scores Subject tests ( some require them , some do not), the letters of recommendation, level of interest demonstrated by the student, the interview, essays / personal statement ,GPA, RIC, quality of course work and the application. Selecting really means choosing students to join the class and it also means highly qualified students might be denied because of the competitive of the process. In selecting students there are usually more than one reader of the student's folder or jacket. Each factor is given a score according to a scale. Not everyone will have their folder discussed at a Admission Committee -- usually its the folder that the two readers give two sets of scores that are very different.

Knowing how the admission process works at the schools you will be applying to is a critical piece of information because it gives you insight as to how your materials will be evaluated, weighted and viewed. At information sessions or the high school visit ask the rep how they practice/ process works. This is question seldom asked by parents or students but it is one that needs to be asked.

When you see or hear the term " highly selective" think in terms of many factors beyond the numbers. It is a very personal process and students and parents should be aware that this practice it is not just the numbers but about the person applying. What are they going to being to the campus in terms of talents, experiences or leadership.

I hope this helps everyone  understand that not all schools operate the same way when it comes to the admissions process. Should you need additional assistance please feel free to email me. To the Juniors please stay focused until the end the year and finish strong. To the underclassmen, work to your abilities and develop your strengths and improve those areas that need attention.

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