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Using your time in a productive when on campus is very important because you may have traveled a great distance and are only able to get to the campus once. When your son/daughter is in the interview session one good way to use your time is to talk with a financial aid officer. When you know the date and time of your child's interview call the Office of Financial Aid to schedule a 20 - 25 minute meeting. Have a list of questions you have about the process for awarding need based or merit based aid. Make a positive connection. Be sure to ask for any printed materials/ applications for need based aid or scholarships awards, even if your student is a junior. It is always a good idea to have an idea of what questions will be asked on the application and what materials you will need to supply. Finally, ask for a business card from the financial aid officer so you have a name and number you can call in the future if questions arise. Financial aid officers and especially the Director of Financial Aid are an important part of the Admission Committee. Being too aggressive or demanding about financial aid can leave a poor impression. If you need further assistance please feel free to email me.

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