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The most optimal time for student's to begin thinking about college is in middle school, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. There are two primary reasons for this. The first reason is all about access, doing well in middle school classes provides a strong foundation for high school and access to the courses needed to be prepared for college. For example, most schools begin tracking students into math courses at these grade levels and this can have an impact on the access to the math curriculum they will have in high school. Students ideally should be in calculus by their senior year to position themselves well for competitive college admissions.

The second reason is that this is the age developmentally in which students are problem-solving and thinking skills develop and pay more attention to decision-making and to organizing ideas. At this age, students do begin to think about how current actions affect the future and how they might contribute. It is a great time to introduce your child to what college is and the multiple pathways college can open up for them.
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The concept of "college" is tough for kids to grasp at too early of an age. I always encourage families to take middle school students to a local college or university for a sporting event, a theater performance, or a simple stroll through the campus. If a student is thinking about attending college, he or she needs to ensure they are focused on their academics and understand the importance of achieving strong grades within a curriculum that challenges them. Start looking for that "passion" or interest of theirs that they can pursue outside of the classroom if they have not already found one and if they have, encourage them to keep on with that interest. There are many colleges and universities out there and in my experience as a college counselor, there is that "best fit" school for every student. If you start the process early, it can be an enlightening and enjoyable one with a positive outcome!  

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