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If you applied early decision and your application was deferred, there are some things you can do that may improve your chances of getting admitted in the regular decision round.

First of all, it’s okay to be disappointed that you were not accepted early decision. On a positive note, a deferral means your profile is similar to students who are accepted. The admissions office has indicated they plan to continue considering you, compare you against other applicants, and may want to look at your Fall semester grades.

While you were not accepted early decision, there is a still a chance that you will be accepted in regular decision. If not, be assured that there will be a college that is a good fit for you. If you still want to pursue the college that deferred you, and assuming this is still your first choice school, view this situation as having another opportunity to showcase your achievements and successes to the admissions team.

Here are 5 things you can do if your early decision application was deferred:

1). Be sure to carefully read the deferral letter, and follow any instructions such as adhering to a request to send your first semester grades or another letter of recommendation.

2). It is acceptable for a student to call the admissions office and politely ask why they were deferred. It is possible that admissions reps may not want to reveal this information, but they may say that they want to see how you performed first semester of your senior year before making a decision. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with an admissions rep about their decision, ask your school counselor if he or she will make the call.

3). In addition to letters of recommendation and first semester grades, if you have won a competition, an award, new SAT or ACT scores, have a new job, or taken on a new leadership role in a club or other organization, let the admissions team know by informing them with an email and a letter sent in the mail. However, if the school has stated they do not want to receive any additional information, then it is important to follow those instructions.

4). Contact the admissions representative who represents you high school and let him or her know that you are still interested in attending the school, and that it is your top choice. Talk about why it fits your academic interests and how you would fit in and contribute to campus life.

5). If you did not previously visit the campus and go on an official tour, schedule a visit. In addition, see if you can schedule an interview with your admissions rep.

While doing what's listed above, also be sure to continue with your applications to additional colleges, putting significant time and effort into them, and continuing to do well in your classes throughout your senior year. This will help you to find a college that is a good fit for you and provide you with a successful college career.

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