It’s important that your application demonstrates a dedicated interest and shows intellectual pursuits in the medical field, as well as having activities that highlight concern and compassion for the community. Activities that can cover these areas may include research, internships, job shadowing, volunteering, or an entrepreneurial endeavor.

It can also be beneficial if your extracurriculars include activities and awards outside of healthcare and community service to show you are an individual with varied interests. In addition, if you had a personal or family situation that is related to why you might want to pursue medicine, this should be communicated.

Here are examples of extracurriculars that are based on activities of real students who were accepted into BS-MD programs. (The specific names of schools, healthcare facilities, and geographic locations are not named to respect students’ privacy.)

Extracurriculars Demonstrating an Interest in Medicine

  • Leukemia and lymphoma research at cancer center
  • Research under a university professor on the impact of maternal nutrition on fetal development
  • Shadowed doctors in cardiology, oncology, and primary care at medical centers, hospitals, and private practices.
  • Volunteer once per week for two years at a pediatric clinic serving a low-income community
  • Work in research lab and published findings in peer review journal
  • Board member for organization that provides respite care to early Alzheimer’s clients
  • Counselor at summer camp for children with disabilities
  • First place County Science Fair-Project microbiology and water purification related
  • Responsible for care of grandfather with Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Took his blood sugar daily and helped to ensure his safety.

Activities To Demonstrate Varied Interests Outside of Healthcare and Community Service

  • Violinist-First chair in city’s youth symphony orchestra
  • Placed second in the U.S. at the 2021 National Beta Club Convention
  • Student council and student body president in 12th grade
  • Formed a student TedTalk club
  • President of school’s Habitat for Humanity Club
  • All-state track team. Holds school record for the mile

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