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Research regarding the admit statistics of the Ivies shows that most admitted between three to five percent. That means approximately 95 percent or fewer applicants are denied admission. Here are the numbers:

Applicants- 50,649
Admitted- 2,546 (895 of the total were admitted early decision)
Admit Rate- 5%

Applicants- 60,377
Admitted-2,253. (Total admits through early and regular decision)
Admit Rate- 3.73%

Cornell-Has not reported its acceptance rate for the class of 2026

Applicants- 28,336
Admitted-1,767 (560 of the total were admitted through early decision)
Admit Rate- 6.24%

Applicants- 61,220
Admitted-1,954 students (740 of those admitted in the early round in December)
Admit Rate- 3.19%

Princeton- Is not reporting admit statistic for the class of 2026

University of Pennsylvania U Penn announced only approximate figures reporting it had approximately 55,000 applicants and is building a class of 2,400 students, which makes its acceptance rate 4.3%.

Admitted-2,234 students (800 admitted early action and 81 matched through Questbridge, which connects low-income and first-gen students with partner colleges and universities).
Admit Rate- 4.46%

Thousands of applicants with stellar grades and test scores are not admitted to the Ivies and other highly competitive colleges and universities. To stand out from the competition, applicants need to do well academically, and they also need to do things that are unique, show initiative, and positively impact a community. Some ways to accomplish this:

  • Spend a significant amount of time on an activity that you are interested in, enjoy, and can excel at.
  • Be involved in activities that have a significant impact in your community or beyond
  • Be nationally ranked in something that is of interest to you
  • Be an entrepreneur and create a business, a product, or an organization that connects with your values, and interests.
  • Be able to successfully communicate on your application what you have accomplished and its impact.

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