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I am a rising high school senior in California. My dream colleges are Berkeley and UCLA. To save money, my parents are suggesting that I go to local community college initially, and transfer to UC in junior year. I would love hear your thoughts, especially around chances of transferring to Berkeley or UCLA and overall experience while I am in community college.


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Daniel Lee Points0

It is very possible to transfer from a community college to UC. Every year, UCs admit thousands of students from community colleges across the state. For example, this year all UC campuses together admitted around 14,000 transfer students. Unfortunately, it does depend upon which community college you go to (see below article):


Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
If you live near Santa Monica I would say to enroll in their two year degree program. They have the highest transfer rate to the 4 year schools state wide. The Transfer Alliance Program at UCLA is designed especially for those students that qualify for the honors program at the community college level, making the transfer process easier for them all round. The article below explains the TAP in more detail. And for information on a transfer from community college to Berkeley, see the additional article below: The community college experience is a good one both for financial reasons as well as for helping students improve their academic foundation. In California, it would be wise for you to check the specifics of both UCLA and Berkeley to see what their major feeder schools (community colleges) have been. If you are going to attend a two year school, you want to be enrolled in one that gives you the best chance of transferring to either school. You will need to do some research but it will pay off by giving you the information that you need. Please keep in mind that both schools, admit many, many transfer students so that attending one, will not hurt your chances of acceptance. Just as it is with high school seniors, available space and your credentials will dictate how the admissions rep. will see you and in the end, decide if you are a good fit or not. Good Luck!

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