Can an international student, from Philippines, apply to a large public university like UC Berkeley as a transfer student? I am currently in my sophomore year, and would like to transfer to US for my junior year. I am majoring in Economics. Please advise.

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Many US universities allow transfers from international students, but have certain requirements. For example, many colleges require that an international student is currently enrolled in the US or US style college abroad. US style may mean your college can provide a transcript in English, and the courses are offered by term (e.g. Semesters). If you're looking for a local college to career advice, please go to

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International students are permitted to apply to US schools as a transfer student but as stated above, each school has their own requirements; some require students to be entering their junior year as at UCLA, or enrolled in a similar program at their home school. Emory University for example, will only permit international students to apply for the fall term. Please keep in mind that not all courses/credits from your original school may not transfer to the US school you would like to enroll in so, be prepared to perhaps need to enroll in additional coursework in order to meet all graduation requirements. Good Luck!

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